Cisco CCIE 360

•February 6, 2013 • Comments Off on Cisco CCIE 360

This week i was given approval for the Cisco CCIE 360 by my manager. One of the other guys on my team has been using the 360 stuff and so i saw how good this is. Once i received my login details i could not wait to take a peep.
The layout is great and is easy to follow –

Phase 1: Core Topics
Phase 2: Advanced Topics
Phase 3: Confidence Building

I have had to rewire and change my lab around so this is now:

Routers 1-6: 2811
FRS – 2821 (with NM-8A/S)
Switches – 3560
TS – 2811 (with NM-16A)

I am still aiming for taking the written part of the CCIE at the start of spring this year and the lab by the end of the year. There is a lot of work ahead.



Back on track –

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Happy new year all –
I am still studying for the CCIE, as this is taking up all my spare time i have not posted any progress for a while.

I am done with the reading of all of the books i wanted to read, the next time i will using them for reference.
Reading a ton of books can be a bad thing as there is so much to cover in the CCIE by the time you are finishing the last book the first book seems like an age away and most of the greater detail is lost or in my case gone to grey matter!
But the idea was not to get every tiny detail out this way, for me anyway.

So i am using the INE ATC videos right now and as always INE’s videos is on the money.
Spending a great deal of time travelling to and from work i get in the zone real quick – i can see people on the train glance at my laptop screen and wonder just what kind of TV show i am watching!

During the Christmas break we went for a walk around the Bailgate area of Lincoln where we live. In the ground of Lincoln Cathedral is a memorial statue of the great poet Alfred Lord Tennyson who came from a from Lincolnshire.
Having watched Skyfall (James Bond) at the end of 2012, it reminded me of the poem “Ulysses” – which is quoted in the film.

Though much is taken, much abides; and though
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.


Another book down.

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On my journey home from work Friday gone, i read the final pages of of TCP/IP VOL II.

For those who have not read this book, first get it! Second the book is 70% multicast and as multicast is one of my weakest areas it was hard going. I am taking a break from the reading this weekend to to enjoy the sun and time with my family.

Then it is on to the books for individual subjects, my choices are –

# Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks
# IPv6 for Enterprise Networks

I need to re-read chapters from the following also –

# Internet Routing Architectures
# MPLS Fundamentals
# Troubleshooting IP Routing Protocols
# Cisco QOS: Exam Certification Guide
# Cisco OSPF Command and Configuration Handbook

Then lab time!
I have ordered all new cables for my home lab and will be replacing the two 3550 switches with two 3560’s so i have four 3560’s. I still need a terminal server and the UK supplier of Skeletek is out of stock of the 24U racks.


Update –

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Yes – i know i have not updated my blog in a few months, thanks for all the emails from friends/readers to ask if i am ok. Since my last blog a few things have changed.

I now work for Cisco Systems and i am a Cisco “Red Badge”. For those who do not know what this term means, there is two types of employees at Cisco “Red Badge” contractors and “Blue Badges” full time staff.
Since starting in Cisco networking, working for Cisco was always the dream. It was great to even be asked to the interview – i was stood there drawing a network topology in Cisco’s office it all seemed very surreal at the time. I had to go to Bedfont Lakes to get my security badge on the second week and that was an awesome experience – all be it took the best part of two hours to get there from the central London office.

The Cisco office i work in is 142 miles from our home (by road) – i take the train everyday which takes around an hour and a half and then a quick tube ride across central London to the office (via somewhere that sells coffee of course). As i have a good three hours on the train everyday this is a great time to read – so far i have read –

# Cisco Press. CCIE – Routing and Switching (4th Version) Odom, Healy & Donohue.
# Cisco Press. TCP/IP Volume I – (2nd Edition) Doyle & Carroll.

I am mid-way through the Cisco Press. TCP/IP Volume II.

I also have INE audio boot camp on my IPOD for when i do not feel like reading. Scott Morris is very good throughout this and adds some humour and some of his personal experiences along the way. Once the bigger books are out of the way, i will start on the more individual subject books before hitting the workbooks and labs.

Later – BE.

Started the CCIE RS study.

•May 15, 2012 • Comments Off on Started the CCIE RS study.

I started the CCIE RS written study a few days back. To start with i am reading the CCIE Routing and Switching Certification Guide, to get my mind into the CCIE framework and to find out where the weak area’s are. I pretty much know the subject i know little on like Multicast & Frame Relay (plus some other smaller topics). So far i am four chapters in and updating the stuff that has turned to grey matter, i am only doing around an hour and a half of reading per night. At this point i have found no reason to lab examples up, i think that i will do this on the second pass of the book when tying chapter together.

I set up the new home lab to make sure everything is in place, i got all the routers on the right IOS, the WIC serials in the cables- but then i saw this on my BB1/FR router.

Ok no problem – i have seen this before bit of something in the fan. So open it up and this is what i find.

Time to get out the tool box.


Total rebuild – Cisco lab.

•March 4, 2012 • Comments Off on Total rebuild – Cisco lab.

On the Cisco front i have a new home lab – Once i have made some room in the rack, this will be awesome. The home lab is now as follows.

R1 – 2811 2 – WIC-1T
R2 – 2811 2 – WIC-1T
R3 – 2811 1 – NM-4A/S
R4 – 2811 2 – WIC-1T
R5 – 2811 2 – WIC-1T
R6 – 2811 1 – WIC-1T
R7 – 2811 1 – WIC-1T
R8 – 2811 2 – WIC-1T
R9 – 2801 2 – WIC-1T

SW1 – Catalyst 3560-24
SW2 – Catalyst 3560-48
SW3 – Catalyst 3550-44
SW4 – Catalyst 3550-24

BB1/Frame Relay 2921 – NM-8A/S
BB2 -2811 2 – WIC-1T
BB3 -2811 2 – WIC-1T

Here is the new additions to the home lab family – for now on the living room floor, much to my wife’s pleasure!


First part of the JNCIS-ENT study – done.

•March 4, 2012 • Comments Off on First part of the JNCIS-ENT study – done.

I finished the study material JNCIS-ENT-Routing SG. The switching side was more a brush up on subjects that had turned to grey matter from lack of use in the last year. There was some new parts that Juniper offers a different take on to Cisco – so that was something that will be re-covering in more detail on the second read. The second read should take me to the end of this week to re-read the routing and switching both sections. In haste i did the exam on Junipers website to see where i am – granted it is only 20 question but there is questions on each subject. I got the pass (above 80%), but it was a scrape. So there is more to do before the exam.