Recent work design/deployment and configuration.

This is one of the really interesting deployments i completed for work. This was done in four stages. The three remotes site offices, HQ UK, main office A and main office B. After alll the sites could comunicate with the UK HQ, a VPN was created to the HQ in Europe and the remote (home users) were enabled.

HQ has a load balanced SDSL circuit, bonding three SDSL router together to create more bandwidth. This is done using a GRE tunnel to our main data centre. In case of a failure of the primary line an ADSL router was added. The failover is all done by the Cisco ASA, by creating a backup route with dead peer detection.
Both main office A & B also have failover ADSL, in case the SDSL router fails or drops connection.



~ by bigevil on September 23, 2009.

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