How to lose friends and alienate people.

I wish i has known about this a year back. Like many places where is used to work the staff spent hours on social network websites/streaming sites. Worst case the dredded torrents!! We had a very basic set up and i was only able to block said website, which made me not a popular person.

As i have just started my Cisco ONT (currently watching the CBT videos, Jeremy Cioara
is awesome) and now have learnt a great way from CBT nuggets to save my (our) bandwidth and at least retain some friends as well!

Start by creating your traffic classes –

class-map match-any web-traffic
match protocol http
match protocol secure-http
match protocol ipsec
match protocol dns
match protocol …. (match any other non-offending traffic)

class-map match-any scum
match protocol http url “*youtube*”
match protocol http url “*facebook*”
match protocol http url “*myspace*”

Next, create your class maps to define the traffic parameters. (note the embedded policy may for the scum traffic, as JC would say)

policy-map inbound-internet
class web-traffic
bandwidth 10000 (in Kbps)
police cir 10000000 pir 11000000 conform-action transmit exceed-action set-prec-transmit 0 violate-action drop
service-policy die-scum

policy-map die-scum
class scum
police cir 56000 pir 64000 conform-action set-prec-transmit 0 exceed-action drop

Finally, assign the service policy to your inbound interface:

interface serial1/0
service-policy input inbound-internet


~ by bigevil on October 2, 2009.

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