Telehouse roadtrip.

Friday 30th October started like most days, until at 11:00 we discovered that two pieces of our rack were not working as they should be. It was a tough call but it was decided to go to Telehouse to get them and bring them back to the Managed Comms office. Dave our operations manger asked me if would like to tag and along and help. Needless to say i was up and out by the time he had finished asking!

Telehouse is 45,000m² of highly secure colocation space in Docklands, London.
From our office is it over 100 miles and it was Friday the worst day for traveling to London, let alone through it.
It took us around an hour and forty five minutes to get to the M25 and then another hour and thirty minutes to get across the capital to Docklands.
Once there we met with one of our carriers and checked through security. The security must match that of any major airport. Once we were clear it was off to the comms rooms. Our comms room is at least 1000 sqft, and was not as cold as i thought it would be, in fact it was rather warm.
We lifted the hardware out, labelled up the cables and left.

Total time in the comms room, eight minutes!
Back down the stairs, back past security, right to the car and we were off again.
Four hours later we got back to the office.



~ by bigevil on October 31, 2009.

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