Pass CCNA Security 640-553.

On Friday morning i sat the CCNA security exam, bright and early ( i say bright its UK weather, rainy!) 09:30. A not too bad score of 888/1000. The parts i found hardest were the SDM questions, as i hardly ever use it either at work in my home lab studies. I cover most of the stuff at work, which makes exams a whole lot easier to do.
Apart from that i was happy with the questions and they way the exam was laid out. Although saying that one SDM question the screen shot that was the example was so hard to read as the text was a little blury. I don’t normally leave comments while doing the exams (how much time does Cisco think we have?) but i had been doing well for time and so left one.

I thought about resting this weekend, but found myself looking over the next exam i plan on taking CCIP BGP.
Choosing which books to read and in what order, getting the lab set up and watching some the CBT nuggets CCIE section on BGP. I have many great friends on the forums i post on who are are happy to recomend which books they have read and the ones that helped them the most.
For me i would like BGP to be a big part of my daily work, and want this to be a strong area of my skill set. Also i see the CCIP exam to be a huge part of my preparation to the CCIE, whether i choice to do the R&S or the SP first.

Thanks for all those that support me through the endless hours i spend readind and studying. At work i have Big Dave the operations manager for keeping me on track and the little fighter pilot James, who is my Cisco ASA buddy. And my wife and son, who put up with cables running throughout the house and the noise of my home lab every night.



~ by bigevil on February 21, 2010.

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