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As i am studying BGP this title seemed right!!

BGP study is going well, i have read:
Troubleshooting IP Routing Protocols (CCIE Professional Development Series)
by Zaheer Aziz, Johnson Liu, Abe Martey, Faraz Shamim
Internet Routing Architectures (2nd Edition)
by Sam Halabi

I followed that up with CCIE CBT Nuggets BGP videos, as the CCIP BGP by CBT Nuggets has been delayed in it’s release this was the only video i could find.
Both the books are great and now i am setting up and running labs from both books and after that i will be using the CCIE R&S BGP parts, by Narbik. Speaking of labs i am rebuilding my home lab and adding more routers this week. This weeks purchase is a 2511 Access Server (always wanted on of these!) and a 2522 to use a FR router. I am also trying to find two 3560’s, that do not cost the earth!!

And finally i am starting a new job next week. My new job is in a security role, i will be part of a secuirty team managing the security of the network.




~ by bigevil on April 20, 2010.

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