BGP final two weeks of study.

The finish line is now in sight. The BGP exam is close, i plan on taking the exam in around two weeks (work pending). I spent the afternoon re-cabling my lab. After cabling all week at work at the DC, my lab cables seem like a cake walk! The lab i have set up is a mock of the Cisco CCIE BGP 360 lab, i will be using Narbiks workbooks as a example. Adding the ASN’s, eBGP, iBGP, route reflectors, communites etc….

Here is the lab lay out.

On a side note, a friend from Todd Lammle’s forum asked me why i had turned of the comments on my blog. The simple answer is a i got fed up with people either spamming me or daft questions that would break the Cisco NDA. Time to power that beast up!!



~ by bigevil on June 5, 2010.

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