MPLS three weeks in.

Boy, this is not easy stuff. Unlike other subject i have done i have never touched the world of MPLS, it was covered briefly in the CCNP ISCW exam. But not great details were ventured into, it was more like an overview.

I am just finishing chapter eight of MPLS Fundamentals, by Luc De Ghein. This was the most recomended book along with the Cisco MPLS student guides. Sadly nobody makes any MPLS video’s, CBT Nuggets were meant to be releasing a CCIP package. But this has fallen from the wayside and their website has no information of the date it will be out. They have been kind enough to reply to my emails when i have contacted them, but they cant provide a date. Chances are i will be done with the CCIP track by the time its out.

On a personal note this week on of the best network engineer i have ever met and worked with leaves Mouchel’s comms team for pastures new. I have had the honour of working with him many times, he as been a great mentor and friend to me. I wish him well.

Time to hit the books.

– BE.


~ by bigevil on July 25, 2010.

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