Busy, busy, busy.

The last few weeks have been very busy at work, not that study has take a back seat as i still read for at least two hours every night. There are some people who like to come home from working on a network all day, having been troubleshooting issues and sit back and watch TV, play on a console or admire their ant farm. For me, i like to read…….CISCO! It beats any other book, any day. I have never been much of a reader of novels anyhow. I am reading over the MPLS VPN chapter in the Cisco Press CCIEv4, it has all the good stuff and is very straight to the point. I am working through the section building the lab’s as they go along, this was i can see right what is happening.

This last week a got an email from the team at work that asset all our new hardware. A rather large box and many other boxes has been dropped of and it had my name on it. Christmas had come early for me!!
An hour later and after some heavy lifting this is what i have.

A very nice 4507R-E with dual sup. 🙂


~ by bigevil on November 7, 2010.

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