Committed to Cisco.

Wednesday the 7th of December 2010 will stay in my mind for a long time, certainly when i do anything to do with MPLS. My exam was booked for 09:30, upon waking on Wednesday morning overnight we had nearly 7 inches of snow. It had been snowing for a few days, but nothing like to what i awoke to on this day.

Well a bit of snow would not put me off. I have studied to hard for this, i have been up until the early hours on my lab. I have read until i fall alseep, nothing new there. 🙂
Out to the car to clear off the snow and the car will not start, not a hope. Ok, not to worry i call a friend and ask for a ride. “I would he” says, “But i can’t get my car out of the drive way”.

My options are.
Option A. Canel the exam, ok this was never going to be an option for me.
Option B. Walk to the test centre.

On with the boots and out the door i go. The test centre is 5.8 miles door to door, it not a good walk without snow. After 30 minutes it was hard going, i started to think about the MPLS labels, the MPLS process and the glory of how would feel if i passed. I though, yeah i have studied hard but walking in -1°C for five miles, i am committed to Cisco!
I got there with ten minutes before the exam was due to start, into the nice warm test centre. I told them why i was there. The man looked at me and said “All exam’s are cancelled due to the weather”.
My heart sunk, i was not going to be taking my exam today. They gave me details to call Pearsons VUE to reschedule, i left the test centre back out into the cold snow.

Weather pending i now sit the MPLS on Monday 6th December.



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