MPLS exam, still a no go!

Do you get ever get the feeling that something is just not meant to happen?

Now the testing center is back open after closing due to the snow and the Christmas Holiday i have yet again been able to book my MPLS exam. This time it is a simple reason.
When the exam was cancelled last year i asked Pearson VUE if they would refund the money, but they told me it was a case of them keeping the money until i wanted to re-book. Since then the UK goverment has raised the VAT to 20% (Jan 2011). This means the amount i paided last year is not enough, the difference being £3 in total. I am unable to pay the £3 to add this to the £105 i have already paided. So Pearson VUE has to refund me the £105, then i have to re-book the exam and pay £108. It will take VUE ten working days to credit me the £105.

Maybe one day i will take the exam!



~ by bigevil on January 6, 2011.

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