Finally MPLS is done!

I am pleased to say that i was able to get into the test centre at the end of last week and sit the MPLS exam.
My score was – 914/1000

MPLS virtual private network technolgy – 100%
MPLS VPN implementation, configuration and troubleshooting – 83%
MPLS complex VPN’s – 75%
Internet access from a MPLS VPN – 82%
Frame Mode/Cell Mode MPLS implementation configuration and troubleshooting – 92%
MPLS fundamentals – 80%
MPLS operations – 100%</em

The exam for me was hard. The first question came on and i sat reading through the possible answers and scratched my head, this is going to be a tough exam i thought. After the first few questions my brain kicked in and i found the exam groove.

On to QOS, i started reading the QOS parts from the CCIE R&S while my QOS books arrive from a well known online book seller.



~ by bigevil on January 16, 2011.