QOS – Back to basics.

I admit that during the CCNP track my least favorite part was the ONT exam, i found the QOS hard going. Mainly because at the time i was not using much QOS in my day to day role.
One of the reasons i wanted to do the CCIP track before i started the CCIE R&S was that QOS is a weak area for me (as was BGP and MPLS until i did the study and exams). I also know that in the CCIE R&S the QOS has been a stumbling point for many a student.

To quote Petr Lapukhov’s (4xCCIE/CCDE) blog post at INE “How to pass the CCIE R&S with INE’s 4.0 Training

The first four weeks are dedicated to QoS. Almost a month dedicated to
QoS? This is correct. You will practice the most complicated section of VOL1 that covers almost every possible
aspect of the QoS technologies you may see in the lab exam. The reason to allocate so much time to the QoS
section is simple: QoS is hard and you need to know it really well. There is about 80 scenarios and you have about
12 study days to cover them. Sounds unrealistic? Probably. In fact, we would even advise if spending more time
studying every day, e.g. 6 hours as opposed to 4 – if you can. If you can not afford this, it is not a huge problem.
Here is why:
1. Since you have 6 months of studies behind, you already have practiced a some QoS topics. Therefore,
there is some foundation built already, which will help you working through QoS now.
2. After completing the QoS section, you will have more time practicing VOL2 fullscale
labs, which again
covers a lot of QoS topics. This means you will have time to catch up on missing technologies
If you don’t feel like you can cover the whole QoS section in one month, pace yourself through it. At this moment of
your studies you should be reade for more intense routine, if you can afford extra time. If you can’t, skip some less
important topics such as RSVP, and do not practice the 3550 QoS sections – just read them for reference, so you
can match and compare 3550 vs 3560 QoS features. This helps in memorizing those.

Like the BGP & MPLS who’s CCIP exam subjects give your more knowledge then you would need for the CCIE R&S, one can never over prepared. This is where me setting out 4-5 months at the start of 2011 to do the QOS exam should really help me when i start the CCIE R&S, and i should be able to get through the QOS on the CCIE R&S more smoothly (i hope :))

So far i have re-read all my notes and gone over the CCNP ONT, i have read CCIEv4 QOS and been through a lot of the great free resources over at INE. Next in line is the CBT nuggets video for the QOS exam.



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