New job.

Ok – it has been quiet on the blog front as i have put the QOS exam study to one side as i am moving jobs. It is always a hard choice to make when a new job is offered to you, certainly when your current job is great and the people you work with are also good. I had an email out of the blue from friend who is the group operations director for an ISP, they were looking for a 3rd line network engineer. I know the company and some of the guys who work on the network team, they are all great chaps with a huge amount of knowledge and experience.

The role is great for me as it will add such great skill/knowlegde and depth to my networking career, and it will also give me much desired troubleshooting of MPLS/BGP/OSPF/IS-IS at ISP level which will certainly help in goal the CCIE R&S. Because of this new job i decided to focus on the mentioned technologies to ensure i am sharp on them. Thankfully i keep all my notes/labs/visio from previous exam and was quickly able to get right back in there.

Unlike most guys my age – a trip down to the pub is not on the cards tonight (Saturday). The hum of my home lab, and flickering of the lights on the switches draws me in like a moth to flame.




~ by bigevil on June 4, 2011.

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