Started the CCIE RS study.

I started the CCIE RS written study a few days back. To start with i am reading the CCIE Routing and Switching Certification Guide, to get my mind into the CCIE framework and to find out where the weak area’s are. I pretty much know the subject i know little on like Multicast & Frame Relay (plus some other smaller topics). So far i am four chapters in and updating the stuff that has turned to grey matter, i am only doing around an hour and a half of reading per night. At this point i have found no reason to lab examples up, i think that i will do this on the second pass of the book when tying chapter together.

I set up the new home lab to make sure everything is in place, i got all the routers on the right IOS, the WIC serials in the cables- but then i saw this on my BB1/FR router.

Ok no problem – i have seen this before bit of something in the fan. So open it up and this is what i find.

Time to get out the tool box.



~ by bigevil on May 15, 2012.

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