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Yes – i know i have not updated my blog in a few months, thanks for all the emails from friends/readers to ask if i am ok. Since my last blog a few things have changed.

I now work for Cisco Systems and i am a Cisco “Red Badge”. For those who do not know what this term means, there is two types of employees at Cisco “Red Badge” contractors and “Blue Badges” full time staff.
Since starting in Cisco networking, working for Cisco was always the dream. It was great to even be asked to the interview – i was stood there drawing a network topology in Cisco’s office it all seemed very surreal at the time. I had to go to Bedfont Lakes to get my security badge on the second week and that was an awesome experience – all be it took the best part of two hours to get there from the central London office.

The Cisco office i work in is 142 miles from our home (by road) – i take the train everyday which takes around an hour and a half and then a quick tube ride across central London to the office (via somewhere that sells coffee of course). As i have a good three hours on the train everyday this is a great time to read – so far i have read –

# Cisco Press. CCIE – Routing and Switching (4th Version) Odom, Healy & Donohue.
# Cisco Press. TCP/IP Volume I – (2nd Edition) Doyle & Carroll.

I am mid-way through the Cisco Press. TCP/IP Volume II.

I also have INE audio boot camp on my IPOD for when i do not feel like reading. Scott Morris is very good throughout this and adds some humour and some of his personal experiences along the way. Once the bigger books are out of the way, i will start on the more individual subject books before hitting the workbooks and labs.

Later – BE.


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